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Join us Thursday September 19th, 2019 @ 9 a.m. for breakfast and Q & A on the Enlist E3 System! 
The meeting will be held at our office in Iuka in the upstairs meeting room.  We look forward to seeign you all there!

Committed to our customers

Despite the constant rain, Tri-Ag is still on the ground training to better service you our customer and provide the most accurate information. During this agronomy workshop we show proper burn down applications and wheat fungicide timings.

They're heeerrre! 

Water hemp has started to emerge. Please call Kyle or Justin to discuss any burn-down or tillage practices on this issue.

Who We Are

We are a full service Ag retail facility, locally owned and operated out of Iuka, Illinois.  We service the Marion County area, and are proud to support our local community. 

Specializing in corn, wheat and soybeans we will help you plan for your current growing season as well as your future seasons. Teaming up with our local agronomists we will develop personalized plans for your fields and make adjustments as needed while checking your plant nutrient levels. 

We know that in order for us to succeed, our customers must succeed!

Helicrops, LLC.

Cleaner, Faster and More Efficient!
The use of a helicopter enables us to slow the aircraft for more accurate coverage while operating close to obstacles. Our aircraft is equipped with a flow controller which allows us to maintain the prescribed rate while adjusting flight speed.

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Control Weeds on Prevent Plant Acres Now

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Why Measure a Crop’s Response to Soil?

Why Measure a Crop’s Response to Soil?

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