There are a lot of questions surrounding GMO crops and their impact on people, crops, and the environment.  We'd like share some of the facts and common misconceptions surrounding this  topic. 

MYTH:    GMOs cause cancer, autism, allergies, gluten intolerance and other illnesses.   
FACT:     In the 20-plus years on the market, GMOs have not caused or contributed to a single illness or death

MYTH:    GMOs increase the price of food.
FACT:     GMOs have actually contributed to reducing the real cost of food. 

MYTH:    If livestock eat genetically modified grain, there will be GMOs in meat, milk and eggs.
FACT:    GMOs have never been detected in milk, meat or eggs derived from animals fed GM feed.

These are just a few of the common misconceptions that are seen on mainstream media every day.  There are a multitude of benefits that come from growing GMO crops. GMO crops not only save money and increase yields, but also prove to be more environmentally friendly! 


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At Tri-Ag we provide personalized plans and professional advice for our local growers. Specializing in corn, soybeans and wheat, we are prepared to help maximize your yields and prepare each acre for all of your growing seasons.  Our data collection starts early and also prepares for the seasons to come, based on cutting edge technology and the latest tools.  Our local agronomists will work with you all year to develop and adjust your planting needs. Call us today to get started!

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We provide a wide variety of top-quality crop nutrients to our growers. Every field is different and requires a plan of its own. We work well with variable rate technology, removal rates, and flat rate systems. Let Kyle or Kelby help you build the best strategy for a maximum yield. 

Please contact a member of our agronomy team to learn more about which nutrients are best suited for your current crop.

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Our goal is to help you succeed! Crop protection is an ever -changing technology landscape that presents new challenges to each growing season. It's important to understand current agriculture and the effect of every product on your crops as well as the effects of multiple products applied to the same field.

We are committed to providing the best crop protection solutions for each of our customers. We are involved in year-round traingings to stay up to speed on the newest information, application, and safety regulations for all fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides that we use. It is our priority to have the right products at the right time for your fields so that you can receive the maximum return on your investment.

Answer Plot®

The Answer Plot® Program is a premier research and demonstration resource that has produced more than 5 million data points and one of the industry’s most extensive data sets. Product performance is tested and proven in replicated field trials at nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations.

*We have compiled the AnswerPlot Data for hybrids specific to Tri-Ag Distributors, Inc. and will feature different hybrids and brands.


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