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Proactive Spring Planning

Apr 15, 2019

Getting your soil samples and reviewing the results is a great way to start your Spring preparations.  Knowing what nutrients your soil needs will help you make better informed decisions during your planting season. Not having the right products applied at the right times could be devastating to your yield.

With the frequent rain showers we’ve had- its best to be sure and minimize your soil compaction and avoid using heavy equipment on the wet fields. Take advantage when possible and begin your tillage process.

Every field requires its own plan and has it unique needs as far as planting and nutrients are concerned.  Developing a personalized plan with your Agronomist is crucial to your yield potential.  Tri-Ag Distributors, Inc. will work with you to develop your own plan of action for this Spring that will benefit your field the best.  We offer a wide array of crop protection for the varying weather conditions and field requirements.  When fields are too muddy to operate on with heavy machinery we’re able to utilize our Helicopters to spray on fields that may otherwise have to wait for conditions to dry up.  

Beginning your crop protection plan now may help you avoid issues further on in your planting. Take into consideration pesticides, weed protection, and diseases that could possibly occur during the season.  Let us do the hard work and help you plan for a great planting season!


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