Aerial Application


Utilizing a helicopter and the most up to date technologies we are able to achieve nearly 100% coverage with zero tracks in the field!  The use of a helicopter enables us to slow the aircraft for more accurate coverage while operating close to obstacles.  Aerial appplication includes :




Soil Testing

Soil testing is a highly informative management tool for growers to test crop nutrient levels in their field. The right methods and timing of soil sampling help ensure accuracy of test results for making informed decisions related to soil inputs such as fertilizer and lime.

Tissue Sampling

Weather can be an unpredictable factor on the health of your crops. Tissue sampling is used to determine an deficiencies and correct them in time to still achieve maximum yield. 

To help your fields reach their full potential, we use a complete plant nutrition management program called NutriSolutions 360 by WinField United.  This program not only helps optimize your field for this season, but builds a better foundation for the seasons to come

Variable Rate Technology

Variable rate planting and applicatons can help you designate your in-field investments appropriately and place inputs where they will be most effiecient.  Not all areas in one field are the same, and will require different amounts of nutrients.

With VRT we are able to save on costs by applying more nutrients where soil is deficient and in the same respect, apply less where the soil is sufficient.  There are many aspects to consider when creating a variable-rate program. 

Call one of our trusted, local agronomists to help you with this process.  Then together, we will talk about your goals and develop a plan best suited for your needs.

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